WK 1 first ideas fell through

WK 2 Second attempt at reaching out to a new idea to do a day in the life of a fire fighter No call back.

WK 3 third attempt at reaching out to a new idea to do a day in the life of a EMT No call back.

WK 4 Started to think back to an older idea that i had about Kindness.

WK 5 Wrote Proposal for the Kindness Idea

WK 6 Started production on ACT OF KINDNESS documentary / Give out flowers cookies and kisses on Valentines day. Made NEIT Instagram.

WK 7 Did interviews about Kindness with Faculty and students and give out free munchkins.

WK 8 Produced Documentary did all recommended edits

WK 9 Switched out some videos to have a bigger impact on viewing audience  and did a final review of film.

WK 10 i will be turning in and presenting An Act of Kindness documentary.


Project Proposal And description  WK 1 / WK 4

An act of kindness

Have you ever wondered what an act of kindness can do to someone’s day?

It may flip there day upside down and make them have the best day of there life.

In this short documentary I will show how a simple act of kindness can not only improve your day but also make someone else smile, cry, fall to there knees, or just improve there day to make it possible the best day ever. I am going to start of with a story about an act of kindness that i did in the past at a fast food place. I was at Wendy and I had just bought my normal drink. Then about 5 min later I am sitting at the table drinking my drink and theses 2 nice elderly females walk in and step up to the counter to order there meal and I notice that they both have bland facial expirations on there face. I told my self it looks like they could use something to brighten there day. So I look in my wallet and notice that I have some extra bucks on me and right as they go to pay I tell them “ your meal is on me today” when I did that one of the woman started crying and fell to her knees. I had no idea why at the time. Until her friend told her to go clean her self up in the restroom. That’s when her friend cam over to me and told me that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. That make me feel a warm feeling in my body about what I helped some one change the way they are feeling around to be happy and then they said “ It is good to know that there are still good people in the world like you thank you and god bless”

From that day on I make every Friday a friendly Friday, which is were I go out and try and make every person have the best day ever. When you do something good for some one else you can start a ripple that will keep going and keep changing the world for good and away from bad. Now over the next 5 minutes I will prove to you that an act of kindness can change your look on the world and how what you do day by day can have an effect on people and have an effect on you. This valentine’s day I am going to be handing out up to 40 flowers to random people. The main reason why I am doing this is to just spread the love and happiness that I have with everyone. Because at the end of the day you should be able to lay down to go to bed and think back on that day that you had and say to you self I had a great day and here why. Do you have any story’s of act of kindness that you either have scene of that you have had done to you by someone else? If yes do you remember how that made you feel at the end of the day? But in the end when you wake up in the morning tell your self

“Today is going to be a good day and here’s why” (Dear Evan Hansen)

If you can pinpoint something to help your day come out awesome then go and do it and make someone have an amazing day which will in the end make you a better person and improve your day. Never forget that I know you can do what ever you dream in you can achieve all it takes is a little time and effort to get your goals accomplished.

The way it will be put together is by having clips be shown of acts of kindness that I have done or acts of kindness that other people have done and then I will show reactions to videos clips of acts of kindness that that have scene. I will ask how it has mad them feel and what they want to do now that they know that anyone can change someone’s day for the good. It will start out by me introducing the entie idea and then setting the mood of the whole documentary. I will then go into what other people think about what does an act of kindness do for them and then go into examples of acts of kindness and finally conclude with what to take away from this documentary. I will also be using quotes from friends of mine who have history of acts of kindness and there thoughts on what has come out of what they have scene or what they have done.

What this world needs at this moment is a video that people can watch and see that there are still kind people in this world and that a simple act of kindness can make someone smile.